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Grow Your Courage, Grow Your Confidence

My Approach

Health At Every Size

My goal is to empower my clients to reach their goals through evidenced-based practices and using the Health At Every Size approach to meet my clients with compassion and understanding. I believe in meeting my clients where they are in life and in their recovery journey. Health At Every Size means that I’m open to my client’s goals and working collaboratively to dismantle diet culture myths, unlearning harmful food rules, and healing the relationship with themselves to help my clients find what health and wellbeing looks like in my client’s life.

journey to healing
secure, non-judgemental environment


I hold the belief that meaningful connection, profound healing, and self-fulfillment often require
embracing vulnerability. Navigating healing can be challenging, even daunting, and it’s where
courage truly shines in all my clients. My aim is to cultivate a secure, non-judgemental, and
welcoming environment where we can courageously explore this vulnerability together. It is my
honor to be a support for all my clients on their journey toward self-discovery and

Individualized Treatment Planning

I don’t subscribe to a universal treatment approach.  Which is why my intake process is more extensive compared to other sessions. My aim is to gain a thorough comprehension of each persons objectives, obstacles, disconnects, and connections.


We work together in our treatment approach, ensuring we harness all evidence-based interventions and coping mechanisms that uniquely assist each individual on their personal journey.

compassion and understanding
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