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Recovery is a Journey, Not a Destination

I’m Rebekah!

I’m passionate about working with adolescents and adults who struggle with disordered eating and/or eating disorders, diet culture and societal expectations, self-criticism, perfectionism, and other hurdles that obstruct our paths to healing and inner peace.


I have experience working with those struggling with eating disorders, chronic dieting, body image issues, and other disordered eating issues. Also, I have experience with those who are currently athletes, former athletes, those in their post weight loss surgery recovery journey, or experienced a significant body change which can include chronic illness.


I recognize that healing and being vulnerable in this process can be challenging and hard work. I hold a firm belief that the power to heal and reconnect with our bodies in a kind and nurturing manner resides within us all. It’s my honor to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for my clients to share their inner struggles with me and invite me to support them in their growth as a person. I aspire to collaborate with my clients in assisting them through this process of rediscovery and restoration.

I believe in working in a collaborative approach, we'll work toward dismantling harmful patterns, fostering a resilient relationship with nourishment, and growing toward healing. My expertise extends to collaborating with couples, addressing relationship challenges, supporting individuals affected by narcissistic abuse, and supporting those grappling with various relationship difficulties.

In my free time, you’ll probably find me reading a book, playing video games/board games, watching true crime on TV or listening to the true crime podcasts, or hanging out with my husband or cute doggo.

Empower Your Recovery, 

Rebekah Grohn, LPC

Rebekah Grohn, LPC.

Katy, Texas

I completed a Master’s in Science degree in Research Psychology and a Master’s of Education in Counselor Education at Georgia Southern University where I focused my studies and clinical experience in eating disorders, body image, trauma, and couple relationships. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with 5+ years experience in treating eating disorders, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and relationship issues. Prior to private practice, I spent a couple years at a higher level of care for treatment of eating disorders. I am currently working on my Certified Eating Disorder Specialist certification (CEDS) on behalf of the International Associate of Eating Disorder Professionals. I will serve on the board for Houston Eating Disorder Specialists for the 2023-2025 term as Membership co-chair.


IAEDP Member
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Thank You for Taking the First Step!

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