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Research Experience

Principal Investigator (Master’s Thesis)

Georgia Southern University

The Relationships Among Trauma History, Disordered Eating, Body Dissatisfaction, and Social Anxiety

Advisor: C. Thresa Yancey, Ph.D.

The project examines trauma history (sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect) associated with eating disorder risk which is measured by disordered eating, body dissatisfaction, and social anxiety. Data from 1,000 participants of a national sample will be used to test the relationships between trauma histories and eating disorder risk. This research is funded by the Graduate Student Organization at Georgia Southern University. 

Principal Investigator (Undergraduate)

Lamar University

The Effects of Types of Censorship on Word Recognition

Advisor: Jeremy Shelton, Ph.D.

The project examined types of censorship associated with curse word recognition which is measured by a lexical decision task. Data from 100 participants was used to explore the different effects of censorship on curse word recognition.

Research Assistant (Graduate)

Georgia Southern University

The Relationship Between Crossfit Women, Social Media, and Body Image

Advisor: Christina Gipson, Ph.D.

The project explores the ideas and views of social media in women of the Crossfit organization. Semi-structured focus groups were conducted to explore how these particular women use social media and the impact on their body image. For this project, I am helping write the manuscript to submit for publication.

Research Assistant (Graduate)

Georgia Southern University

Advisor: Karen Naufel, Ph.D.

For this project, I created a coding scheme for a particular data set and was a blind judge that content coded another data set. My colleagues and I ran an analysis for our own data set and gave it to my advisor to use for a research project. 

Co-Investigator (Undergraduate)

Lamar University

The Effects of Distractions on Mathematical and Spelling Tasks.

Advisor: Edyth Kirk. Ph.D.

The project examines the effects of a distractor task (i.e. Squeezing a ball) on undergraduate students’ ability to accurately finish a simple math and spelling assignment. Data from 70 participants were used to explore the effect of the distractor task on math and spelling ability.

Research Assistant (Undergraduate)

Lamar University

Advisor: Jeremy, Shelton Ph.D.

The project examines undergraduate students’ views and opinions on the use of torture in military and non-military settings. In this project, I ran experiments, organized data, and entered data in a statistical software program for a graduate student working on his thesis.

Manuscripts Submitted

 The Relationship Between CrossFit Women, Social Media, and Body Image.

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